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Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 101 - Morrisville State College
Professor Kurt Reymers


Global inequality is thought to be getting worse today, and in many ways the concentration of wealth is troubling. But in this assignment we will use data to examine over 200 years of history along three critical datapoints: income, life expectancy, and babies per woman. You may be surprised by what you find!

Print the following assignment and worksheet tables:
SOCI 101 - Research Report 3 - Global Inequality
(note: document changed on Weds April 12 1:31pm)

Work on the printouts while you analyze the data/watch the video on your computer. Like the last assignment, when you have completed the worksheets and writing assignments, take a picture or scan all three pages (PDF format preferred), and send them to me at reymers@morrisville.edu with the SUBJECT: RR3.

Due Date: Send by Wednesday, April 19




The U.S. Census produces data on many aspects of American life, including employment and crime. This assignment asks you to do some "data mining" of the "Statistical Abstracts of the U.S.", a compilation of statistics that tells us about trends in various activities and behaviors of people in the United States. Following the instructions provided in the PDF link below, you will complete the data mining and then, in three separate writing reflections, discuss how the data fits the hypotheses which you are testing.

Print the following assignment and worksheet tables:
SOCI 101 - Research Assignment 2 - U.S. Crime and Deterrence

Due Wednesday, March 22 by 9pm. Send a copy of your written summary and table figures in PDF FORMAT to: reymers@morrisville.edu. Use the SUBJECT LINE: RR2


The U.S. Census is a sociological project identifying the demographic characteristics (age, ethnicity, income, etc.) for people across the United States. Information can be analyzed in many different ways, including by local address.

Use this website from the U.S. Census to enter your town's zip code and from the resulting page, choose the buttons on the left to get a summary of the characteristics of your home area. Also the tables for your "geography" (zip code location) feature more detailed information. Create a summary report from the information you have found there. Use the sociological imagination to reflect on how the conditions of your homwtown relates to your life. Here is an example of what your report should vaguely resemble.