Sociology 201: Social Problems

Spring 2017


This Week in Social Problems:

Environmental Problems
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chp 4 Environment
- Maslin, 2004, Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction, Chapter 6

War and Terrorism
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chp 18 National Security
- The Business of War (SOFEX),Vice, 2012
- Johnathon Schell, The Fate of the Earth, Chapter 1
- Frontline, The Secret History of Isis

The American Education Problem
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chp 16 Education
- Changing Education Paradigms: Part 1 and Part 2 (RSA Animate)
- Best, The Student Loan Mess, Chp 1 (Intro)

The American Healthcare Problem
Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chp 17 Healthcare
- Crash Course in Economics: Healthcare
- Four Models of National Healthcare
- The Affordable Care Act: A Summary (2011)
- Obamacare: John Oliver, Last Week Tonight
- H.R. 1628: American Health Care Act of 2017
- TrumpCare: John Oliver, Last Week Tonight

The Criminal Justice System
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chp 12 Crime and Justice
- Alexander, The Lockdown (2009)
- This American Life (NPR), Cops See It Differently Part 1 (mp3 -or- podcast) / Part 2 (mp3 -or- podcast) (2/13/2015)
- Prison Nation, Frontline (1:23)
- A Short History of Police Accountability

American Racial and Ethnic Inequality
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chapter 5, Part 1, "The Browning of America"
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chapter 8, Racial and Ethnic Inequality
- Hart High Price, Chapter 12, "Still Just a Nigga'"

American Political-Economy: Problems of Wealth & Government
Domhoff, Class Domination (pdf)
- Raw Story, Trump's Fascist Agenda?
- Berry, Umberto Eco on Donald Trump
- Eco, Eternal Fascism
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chapter 14, Work
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chapter 7, Poverty
- The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground, Page 1, Pew
    Research Center, 2015
- Haseler, The Super-Rich, 2000
- Richest 62 people…, Guardian, 2016
- Inside the Panama Papers, Salon, 2016
- Review Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chapter 2: Wealth & Power

The Media: News, Entertainment, and Internet
- Kellner, The Media and Social Problems  
- Mass Media Revision Mapping
- How social media makes us unsocial, TedX, Allison Graham
- John Oliver on how the media treats scientific studies

The Bias of the System
Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chapter 2: Wealth & Power
“The theory of everything,” The Guardian 2009

Return to Sociology
- Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chapter 1: Social Problems
- Recommended: C. Wright Mills - The Promise of Sociology



Week 16. Course Concluded

Final grades have been posted. Thanks for taking the course. I hope you use what you learned in your future understanding of society and it's problems.

~ Best wishes, Prof. Reymers (Dr. K)

Textbook: This is a standard textbook with an emphasis on the conflict perspective.

textAvailable at the campus bookstore.

Eitzen, D. Stanley, Maxine Baca Zinn, and Kelly Eitzen Smith. 2014. Social Problems, 13th ed. Boston: Pearson. ISBN: 0205881882

Social Problems


Social Problems

"...To understand the changes of many personal milieux we are required to look beyond them. And the number and variety of such structural changes increase as the institutions within which we live become more embracing and more intricately connected with one another. To be aware of the idea of social structure and to use it with sensibility is to be capable of tracing such linkages among a great variety of milieux. To be able to do that is to possess the sociological imagination." -- C. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination (1959)

For more on the "Sociological Imagination" read here...