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Social Problems
SOCI 201 - Morrisville State College
Professor Kurt Reymers

Class Notes

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Textbook Chapter 1, Introduction (Russ Long)

Where Do Social Problems Come From?

Textbook Chapter 2, Wealth and Power (Russ Long)

The Media: News, Entertainment, and Internet

Political-Economy I: American Economic Inequality

Textbook Chapter 7, Poverty (Russ Long)

Textbook Chapter 14, The Economy and Work (Russ Long)

Political-Economy II: American Political Inequality

Racial and Ethnic Inequality

Textbook Chapter 5, The Browning of Society (read part 1 only) (Russ Long)

Textbook Chapter 8, Racial and Ethnic Inequality (Russ Long)

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Midterm Exam
Thurs Mar 2

Vote Topic 1

Vote Topic 2

Vote Topic 3

Global Inequality

War and Terrorism

Society, Environment and the World

Final Exam


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