Course Schedule
Spring 201
SOCI 201: Social Problems

Professor Kurt Reymers, Ph.D.
Office Location:
205 Crawford
Office Hours:
Mon, Thurs, Fri
: 11:00am-11:50am
Weds.: 1:00pm-1:50pm
or by appointment


Note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change; any changes will be made in red.

Week 1. Return to Sociology

   On Jan 17: 
Acquire textbook & review website by Thursday

   For Jan 19:
  Read Eitzen (textbook), Chapter 1


Week 2. Where Do Social Problems Come From?

   Jan 24:
Read Eitzen (textbook) Chapter 2, The Bias of Wealth and Power

   Jan 26:
Read “The theory of everything,” The Guardian 2009


Week 3. The Media:News, Entertainment, and Internet

   Jan 31:
Read: Kellner, The Media and Social Problems  

   Feb 2:
Read: Mass Media Revision Mapping
      Watch: TedX, Allison Graham, How social media makes us unsocial
      Watch: John Oliver on how the media treats scientific studies
      Concept Paper due Feb 2


Week 4. Political Economy:
American Social Inequality

   Feb 7:
Read: Textbook, Chapter 7
            Read: The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground, Page 1, Pew Research Center, 2015

   Feb 9:
Read: Haseler, The Super-Rich
            Read: Richest 62 people…, Guardian, 2016
            Read: Inside the Panama Papers, Salon, 2016


Week 5. Political Economy:American Social Inequality

   Feb 14:
Read: Domhoff, Class Domination (pdf)
   Feb 16:
Read: Eco, Eternal Fascism
                Read: Berry, Umberto Eco on Donald Trump


Week 6. Race and Ethnic Inequality

   Feb 21:
Read: Textbook, Chapter 5
   Feb 23: Read: Hart, High Price, Chapter 12
                Read: Textbook, Chapter 8
      Annotated Citations due Feb 23


Week 7. Review

   Feb 28: Exam 1


Mar 6-10: Spring Break



Mar 14: No Class

Mar 16: No Class

Week 9. Social Problems with the Criminal Justice System

Mar 21: QUIZ ON:
Read: Eitzen (textbook 13e), Chp 12 Crime and Justice
- Read: Alexander, The Lockdown (2009)
Listen to This American Life (NPR),
Cops See It Differently Part 1
(mp3 -or- podcast)
- Part 2 (mp3 -or- podcast) (2/13/2015)

Mar 23: Watch: Prison Nation, Frontline (1:23)
- Read: A Short History of Police Accountability
        Annotated Outline due Thursday Mar 23


Week 10. Social Problems with American Healthcare

   Mar 28:
Read Textbook, Chapter 17
      Watch: Crash Course in Economics: Healthcare

   Mar 30:
Read: Four Models of National Healthcare
      Watch: Obamacare: John Oliver, Last Week Tonight
      Watch: TrumpCare: John Oliver, Last Week Tonight
      Group Quiz!

Week 11. Social Problems with American Education

   Apr 4: Read Textbook, Chapter 16
        Watch "Changing Education Paradigms" Part 1 (Zimbardo) and Part 2 (Robinson)

   Apr 6:
Read Best, The Student Loan Mess, Chp 1 (Intro)
        Group Quiz due Thursday Apr 6


Week 12. War and Terrorism

Rough Draft due Tuesday Apr 11

   Apr 11:
Read: Textbook, Chapter 18
            Watch: The Business of War (SOFEX),Vice, 2012

   Apr 13:
Read: Johnathon Schell, The Fate of the Earth, Chapter 1
            Watch: Frontline, The Secret History of Isis
trigger warning: terrorist violence and beheading)


Week 13. Society and Environment

   Apr 18: Read Textbook, Chapter 4

   Apr 20:
Read Maslin, 2004, Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction, Chapter 6


Week 14. Review
  Apr 25:
Read Textbook, Chapter 19

   Apr 27:
Review for exam 2
      Final Paper due Apr 27


Week 15. Exam 2 is on Thursday, May 4, 9:00am-10:30am (Charlton 038)