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Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 101 - Morrisville State College
Professor Kurt Reymers

To revise your paper, review the paper comments using the Key to Grading Marks below and amend the paper accordingly. Research Paper Revisions are due Dec 6 (last day of class, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!) and MUST be accompanied by either a copy of or the original graded paper with my grading marks. Revisions will be raded based on your response to corrections in errors identified by the diacritical marks on your paper (critical checkmark). :

Key to Grading Marks on research paper:
Checkmark1a, 1b, 1c refers to the three articles needed to complete the assignment (step 1)
Checkmark2 refers to the development and consistent use of the thesis provided in assignment step 2
Checkmark3 refers to the use of the correct title and the development of an organized essay (step 3)
Checkmark4a, 4b, 4c refers to the development of a logical argument and use of quotes from the articles to support it (step 4)
Checkmark5 refers to the use of APA style citation (both in-text on on the references page -- step 5)
Checkmark6 refers to the inclusion of proper heading and paper formatting (typed, 1" margins, etc. -- step 6)

Where I have assessed that these steps were either only partially followed or not followed at all, you will see the following marks, followed by the step number (1-6): critical checkmark

Finally, the last step was to proofread and edit the paper and send the final copy to me in PDF format. A 'g' indicates multiple grammar errors. Grammar, spelling, spacing, font, etc. are graded in this last part of the assessment.

Crossouts, underlining and question marks are general indicators that I have noted and/or questioned either a conceptual point or the textual formatting of your paper. Please feel free to email or stop in my office hours or after class if you have questions. Thank you. - Prof Reymers



A) Who were the first Americans? (National Geographic, Dec 2000)

B) Ancient Genome Sequences Settle First Americans Debate (Discover Magazine, Jan 2015)

C) The Kennewick Man Finally Freed to Share His Secrets (Smithsonian, Sept 2014)




(note, assignment instructions always supercede general guidelines posted here)