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Week 11. Social Class and Inequality

Nov 12: Read Textbook, Sections 10.0, 10.1
Nov 14: Read Textbook, Section 10.2, 10.3
   Plickers Quiz on Wednesday
   Online Media #9 due Fri by 5pm


Sociology quote of the week:

"Every American deserves to live in freedom, to have his or her privacy respected and a chance to go as far as their ability and effort will take them - regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or economic circumstances."
-- Christopher Dodd, U.S. Senator


1) Read Online -

2) Download the PDF version (free)

3) or, purchase a print copy on ($20)

Online Media 9:
Global Empathy


Watch this 2010 TEDx video of U. Penn sociologist Sam Richards discussing A Radical Experiment in Empathy (18 minutes)

1. According to Sam Richards, with what concept does one start to understand sociology?

2. Discuss the idea of "stepping into someone else's shoes."

3. To what war does Richards refer in crafting his analogy of China occupying the United States to secure its coal interests?

4. What resource does Richards focus upon in our global interests?

5. What percentage of the world's military spending does the United States spend?

6. How many civilian deaths have occurred in relation to the war?

7. How does religion figure in both personal views and in the international relations between societies?

8. What different perspectives can be taken regarding the photo of the woman holding the flag?

9. Copy and explain the Dostoevsky quote about "understanding."

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Due on or before Friday, 11/16 at 5pm


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Recommended Reading:
Careers in Sociology

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OM9 Online Media 9: A Radical Experiment in Empathy (Sam Richards, TEDx, 2010)

Online Media 8: The Global Subordination of Women (Cynthia Fuchs-Epstein, American Sociological Review, 2007)


Online Media 7: Crash Course Sociology, Episode #20, Crime (11:36 YouTube, 2017)

OM6 Online Media 6: Documentary on Six Degrees of Separation, (Top Documentary Films, 2009)

Online Media 5:
George Mead's "I & Me" sense of self (Sharon Link, 2009)

OM4 Online Media 4:
Crash Course in Sociology video on Social Interaction and Performance
(YouTube, 2017, 11:38)

Online Media 3:
A Mini-Guide to Essential Questions
, pamphlet by Linda Elder and Richard Paul, 2009

OM2 Online Media 2:
Science vs. Common Sense
, TedX Dec 1 2011, feat. Duncan Watts
OM1 Online Media 1:
Crash Course in Sociology #1, "What is Sociology?" YouTube, 2017, 9:42)


Topic: Individual and Society

Topic: Values and Culture

Topic: Socialization

FAÇADE v. REALITY         
Topic: Social Construction

Topic: Social Groups & Conformity

NORM v. ANOMIE          
Topic: Deviance & Crime/War

Topic: U.S. Social Classes

MATH v. HUMANITY        
Topic: Human Population

MAN v. NATURE         
Topic: Environment and Society

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