Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 101: LN1 - Morrisville State College
Professor Kurt Reymers

Class Notes

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Week 1:

Chapter 1: Origins, the Four Fields, and Tenets of Anthropology

Week 2:

Chapter 3: Evolution and Genetics

Week 3:

Chapter 6: The First Hominins and Origins of Culture

Week 4:

Chapter 7: The Origin of Homo sapiens

Week 5:

Exam 1
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Week 6:

Chapter 4: Human Adaptation and Variation

Week 7:

Chapter 2: Archaeological Science and Methods


Week 8:

Chapter 8: The Rise of Domestication and Civilization


Week 9:

Chapter 9: Culture and Cultural Change

Week 10:

Chapter 10: Language and Myth


Week 11:

Exam 2
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Week 12:

Chapter 14: Cultural Institutions: Kinship and Family

Week 13:

Chapter 11: Cultural Institutions: Food Production, Trade, and Economies

Week 14:

Chapter 12: Cultural Institutions: Social Stratification and Global Cooperation



Week 15:

Final Exam:
Available Monday, April 30 9am and must be completed by Tuesday, May 1 9pm

Final Exam Review Questions