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Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 101 - Morrisville State College
Professor Kurt Reymers

Cultural Anthropology Research Assignment:


To gain extra points on your research assignment grade, you can revise your paper. Your revision must:

Grading Rubric:

4 points - Step 1: summary of chapter reading (desriptive? covers main theme?)
4 points - Step 2: research source quality (scholarly? from library?)
4 points - Step 3: research source compare/contrast (descriptive? comparison evident?)
4 points - Step 4: in-text and reference page citations correct?
4 points - Step 5: guidelines followed? grammar edited?
20 points possible


Cultural Anthropology Research Paper:
Instructions and Rubric

Be sure to follow instructions carefully!

DUE BY EMAIL (reymers@morrisville.edu) IN PDF FILE FORMAT (with last name as filename) ON Friday April 13 5pm

RESEARCH SOURCE: Conformity and Conflict 14e; Read Chapter 1, then choose ONLY ONE of the following chapters to report on:

4 (Jamaica) 10 (Alaska) 12 (Paraguay) 15 (Bolivia)
16 (Malawi) 18 (India) 19 (Tibet) 20 (China)
28 (North India) 32 (Japan) 33 (Nepal) 34 (Sudan)

Then, do independent research on the same culture. See the assignment instructions for full details.

You should use the college library website – http://library.morrisville.edu – to further research the culture that you have chosen to read about in the provided Conformity and Conflict online book. Here are some strategies for using the library site:

1. Search for terms related to the culture in the main box that comes up when you go the page above. For example, if you choose Chapter 4, “Nice Girls Don’t Talk to Rastas,” an article about Jamaican and Rastafarian culture, you could type the following in to narrow down anthropological articles and books about those topics into the search box: rastafarian jamaica anthropology . See what comes up and choose articles that are from scholarly anthropological journal sources and related to your original Conformity and Conflict article.

2. Get a more refined search by clicking "Advanced Search” below and to the right of the main search box at the library website. Select the discipline “Anthropology” and try several terms that relate to the culture and issue that the Conformity and Conflict article is about.

3. You can also search for articles and books in the library about the culture in question. From the main library webpage, click the “Articles” link, then "Find Articles by Database Title," and then select a database – I recommend “Academic Search Complete” for a comprehensive search. For books and media, click the “Books & Media” link and see what resources the library has right on campus for you to use.

4. Please strive for accuracy and be aware of your own ethnocentricity as you write. Do solid research. Note, I am very familiar with this book: I was one of the reviewers of the book before publication (see my name on Preface page xv, or PDF page 16).

Here, again, are the assignment instructions in full detail. Please print this page for your reference as you work on this assignment.

WARNING! Do not leave this assignment to the night before it is due! You will regret that decision! GET TO WORK NOW!




(note, assignment instructions always supercede general guidelines posted here)