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Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 101:LN1 - Morrisville State College
Professor Kurt Reymers


The U.S. Census is a sociological project identifying the demographic characteristics (population, age, ethnicity, income, education, government, business, etc.) for people across the United States. Information can be analyzed in many different ways, including by local address.

Use this website from the U.S. Census to enter your town's zip code and from the resulting page, choose the buttons on the left to get a summary of the characteristics of your home area. Also the tables for your "geography" (zip code location) feature more detailed information. Create a summary report from the information you have found there. Use the sociological imagination to reflect on how the conditions of your hometown relates to your life. Discuss the statuses and roles in each institution or category that appears to exemplify the your home region. Here is an example of what your report might vaguely resemble.

Due Monday, February 12 by 5pm. Send a copy of your summary in PDF FORMAT to: reymers@morrisville.edu. Use the SUBJECT LINE: RR1

Don't know how to send in PDF format? Here's a tip, if you Microsoft Word: Choose "Save As.." under the File menu and select PDF from the available drop down list of file types (found below the Filename box).