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Introduction to Sociology LN1
SOCI 101 - Morrisville State College
Professor Kurt Reymers

(OPTIONAL: This assignment is NOT mandatory. I will use the highest two Research Report scores for the Reseach portion of your final grade).

Global inequality is thought to be getting worse today, and in many ways the concentration of wealth is troubling. But in this assignment we will use data to examine over 200 years of history along three critical datapoints: income, life expectancy, and babies per woman. You may be surprised by what you find!

Print the following assignment and worksheet tables (choose the format that works best for you):


As you saw in research assignment 1, the U.S. Census produces data on many aspects of American life, including employment and crime. This assignment asks you to do some more detailed data mining of the U.S. Census "Statistical Abstracts of the U.S., 2012", a compilation of statistics that tells us about trends in various activities and behaviors of people in the United States. Also useful in studying formal American negative deviance (crime) is the "Bureau of Justice Statistics." Following the instructions provided in the links below, you will complete the data mining, fill in the tables for each part and then, in three separate writing reflections discuss how the data fits the hypotheses which you are testing.

Download the following assignment and report sheets:

Assignment Instructions: SOCI 101 - Research Assignment 2 - U.S. Crime and Deterrence

- and -

Research Report Sheet (Microsoft Word fillable form): Research Report Sheet - Word
- or use - Research Report Sheet (PDF fillable form): Research Report Sheet - PDF

You need only turn in one of the Research Report Sheet formats.
(If necessary, attach an image of the U-V-P chart that you produced for part 2 of the report.)