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Exam 1

Week 5. Review and Exam 1
review: Lavenda textbook Chps 1, 2, 3, 4 and notes

Use the Exam 1 Review Sheet here

Exam 1 – on Blackboard, available
Weds Sept 23 9am -
Fri Sept 25 midnight

NO Quiz, Online Media or Discussion this week

AMNESTY PERIOD: If you have back work that you did not get done, you are now welcome to send it to me by the end of the week (Friday 9/25 midnight) and I will void any late penalties. 

VideoVideos are available on Blackboard (click on the Chapter Videos menu link).

Blackboard Link

Anthropology Quote of the Week:

Pele"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." ― Pele




Online Media 4:
NOVA's "Becoming Human, Part III: Last Human Standing"
(YouTube, ~60 min, 2014)



Online Media 3:
Primatology animated video
from Nikita V, (2013, YouTube 7:25)



Online Media 2:
Evidence for Evolution from (YouTube 11:22)



Online Media 1: Macat's "Introduction to Anthropology"(mostly about cultural anthropology)



Remember: Each week you should, at minimum, complete the following objectives:

  1. Read the assigned textbook chapter and review the course notes online
  2. Complete the week's chapter quiz between Tues 9am - Thurs 9pm (See the Quizzes and Exams folder on Blackboard -- note, there was no quiz in the first week)
  3. Complete a Discussion Post for the week (see the Discussions area on Blackboard)
  4. Complete the Online Media (ANTH#) for the week before Friday 5pm (no exceptions!) on the course website (below)

At certain times during the semester you will also have writing assignments and longer exams. These are marked on the course schedule and bear a large part of the course grade, so be prepared for these assignments/exams as well.

Posting to the Discussion Board (on Blackboard):

You should be actively posting weekly to the Discussion Board so as to add to your participation score for the course. Here is how to add a discussion postThe "Discussions" can be found using the links on the left side of the Blackboard page; click that link and then click on the title of the Discussion to which you want to add a comment or reply. You'll see a page of posts with the other student's names; to add to it, click on "Create Thread".

No Online Media this week


Recommended readings:

Human Evolution

Evolution - General

Introduction: Other texts


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