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Week 5. Social Structures & Theories

Sept 21: Read Textbook, Sections 4.0, 4.1
Sept 22: Read Textbook, Section 4.2
Sept 23: Read Textbook, Section 4.3
   Take Chapter Quiz between Tues 9am & Thurs 9pm
   Online Media #4
due Fri by 5pm
   Contribute to the Discussion Board by Sunday

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Sociology Quote of the Week



"Knowledge is shaped by the social world." - Karl Mannheim


Online Media 4
Social Interaction and Performance


Watch this Crash Course in Sociology video on Social Interaction and Performance (YouTube, 2017, 11:38) and answer the following questions below.

1. How are social interaction and social structure defined?

2. What is social status? Include the difference between ascribed and achieved status. Give three examples from your life.

3. What is a social role and how does it differ from a status?

4. What is the "Thomas Theorem?"

5. What is "impression management" and what are "sign vehicles"?

6. What's the difference between "front stage" and "back stage" performances?

Due on or before Friday, Sept 25 at 5pm. Late online media assignments are not acceptable.

DO NOT send as attachment. E-mail your completed answers to:, with

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Online Media SOCI4:
Crash Course in Sociology video on Social Interaction and Performance (YouTube, 2017, 11:38)


OM3b Online Media SOCI3:
Read "The Culture of Fear" by Frank Furedi (Spiked, 2007) and watch the Interview with the author of the book The Culture of Fear, Barry Glassner (YouTube, 9 min)

Carl Sagan

Online Media SOCI2:
Watch this video about "The Fine Art
of Baloney Detection
" (by Carl Sagan)


Sociological Imagination

Online Media SOCI1:
Watch this video about the "sociological imagination" and read these excerpts from C. Wright Mills'.



More info on the online media assignments:

Each week, except exam weeks (see the course schedule) you will be reponsible for completing and submitting by email a weekly online activity. This may entail doing a reading or watching a video made available online, or performing some other kind of activity. Instructions will be posted weekly right here on the webpage by Monday and will be due (by email) on Friday at 5pm of each week. You should e-mail your completed assignment to, with the subject heading of "SOCI#" (with "#" being the number of that week's online activity, as noted above).



Recommended Reading:
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