Fall 2020
360: Social Movements
Course Schedule v.2

Professor Kurt Reymers, Ph.D.
web: http://sociology.morrisville.edu

Note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change; changes to the original schedule will be noted in red.

Week 1: Introduction to Sociology and Social Movements

Aug 24-25
Familarize yourself with the syllabus and course schedule and outline; understand your responsibilities for successfully completing this course.

Aug 26-27
1.1) Read Chp 21, Introduction to Sociology, Social Movements (click ‘Next’ on each page to read entire chapter)
1.2) Watch Social Movements: A Primer (Chow, Youtube, 19 min)
1.3) Watch Lee, The Four Types of Social Movements (2018, YouTube, 7 min)

Aug 28-29
Complete homework assignment 360A1

Week 2: What are NOT social movements? Witch Hunts and Moral Panics

Aug 31-Sept 1
2.1) Read Locher, Chp 1, What is Collective Behavior?
2.2) Read Locher, Chp 2, Social Contagion Theory 

Sept 2-3
2.4) Watch Lamb, New Media and Moral Panics (2012, YouTube, 4 min)
2.3) Watch Baker, The Cycle of Moral Panics (2014, YouTube, 3 min)
2.5) Watch Cook, Moral Panics: An Introduction (2019, YouTube, 35 min)

Sept 4-5
Complete homework assignment 360A2
Complete Quiz 1

□ Week 3: An Economic Theory, the Labor Movement, and Unionization

Sept 7-8
3.1) Read Locher, Chp 4, Value-Added Theory
Recommended reading (but not required): Edwards, Chp 2, From the mad to the sane

Sept 9-10
3.2) Read Marx & Engels, The Communist Manifesto (orig. 1847, SquashedEditions, 20 min read)
3.3) Watch The Workers’ Rights Revolution (‘It's History’, 2015, YouTube, 10 min)
3.4) Watch The History of Workers’ Rights (City Rising, 2019, YouTube, 14 min)  

Sept 11-13
Complete homework assignment 360A3

□ Week 4: Emergent Norms and Women’s Rights, Part 1

Sept 14-15
4.1) Read Locher, Chp 3, Emergent Norm Theory

Sept 16-17
4.2) Read History.com Women's Suffrage
4.3) Watch Greene, Crash Course in US History: Women’s Suffrage
4.4) Watch excerpts, Iron-Jawed Angels
                  a) Movie Trailer (2:15)
                  b) White House Parade scene (4:39)
                  d) Actual footage of the parade (4:28)
                  c) Force-feeding scene (violence warning) (4:47)
                  d) Iron Jawed Angels Analysis video (4:20)
(Recommended, not required: whole movie here)

Music Interpretation 1 due Thursday Sept 17

Sept 18-20
Complete homework assignment 360A4

Week 5: Mass Movements of the mid-20th century - Totalitarianism: Hitler & Stalin
              Sept 21-22

              5.1) Read Schaeffer, Social Movements and Global Social Change, Chp 1 and Chp 2
              5.2) Read Mass Society Theory from Wiley Online Library

              Sept 23-24

5.3) Watch: The Path to Nazi Genocide, US Holocaust Museum (40 min)
5.4) Watch: The tragedy of this American moment: Populism, elites, and the 2020 election, BigThink (8 min)
              5.5) Watch: Why Socrates Hated Democracy, The School of Life (4 min)

              Research Paper Concept Map due Sept 24

              Sept 25-27
              Complete homework assignment 360A5
              Complete Quiz 2 (Blackboard)

Week 6: Review and Exam 1
              Sept 29

              6.1) Read Locher, Chp 13, Social Movements

              Oct 1

              * Exam 1 - available Weds Sept 30 9am - Fri Oct 2 midnight on Blackboard


Week 7: “Post-Materialism” and the New Social Movements of the late 20th c. & early 21st c.
              Oct 6
              7.1) Read Edwards Chp 4, From political processes to cultural processes
              7.2) Read Della Porta and Diani, Chp 3.0, 3.1, The Symbolic Dimension of Collective Action, text pgs64-73 (pdf pgs 75-84)
              Oct 8
7.3)Read Castells, Network Society, Power of Identity excerpts
              Research Paper Reference Sources due


Week 8: The Anti-Vietnam War Movement of the 1960s
Oct 13
              Oct 15
8.2) Read/Watch PBS American Experience on 1964: A Year That Changed America
              Music Interpretation 2 due


Week 9:  The Women’s Rights Movement, Part 2: The Return of Feminism
              Oct 20

              Oct 22


Week 10: Environmental Movement
              Oct 27
              10.1) Read Castells, The Power of Identity, Chp 3, The Environmental Movement 
              Oct 29
10.3) Read Gerlach, The Structure Of Social Movements: Environmental Activism And Its Opponents
              Research Paper Rough Draft due


Week 11: Identity Rights Movements I: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
              Nov 3
10.1) PBS American Experience: Stonewall Uprising(2020, PBS website stream)
              Nov 5   
10.2) TBA

Week 12: Identity Rights Movements II: Civil Rights Movement Part 2
              Nov 10
              11.1) TBA
              Nov 12
              11.2) TBA
              Music Interpretation 3 due

Week 13: Racial Supremacy and Conservative/Reactionary Movements
              Nov 17
12.1) TBA

              Nov 19
12.2) TBA
              Research Paper Final Draft due

Nov 23-27 Thanksgiving Break  

Week 14: Review for Final Exam
              Dec 1
14.1) Read Locher textbook Chp 14, Understanding Social Movements
              Dec 3
              14.2) Watch: Khan Academy, Social Movements – review notes, prep for final
              Music Interpretation 4 due

Week 15:  Final Exam on Blackboard (time/day TBA)