Course Schedule
Spring 2024

SOCI 201: Social Problems
Professor Kurt Reymers, Ph.D.

Note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change; any changes will be made in red.


Week 1. Return to Sociology: Where Do Social Problems Come From?

Jan 22-23:        Gain access to the Brightspace site or see
                                           Review Syllabus and Course Schedule
                                           Download textbook: Social Problems: Continuity and Change, 2016    

Jan 24-25:         Read The Sociological Imagination (1959)

Jan 26-28:         Read Introduction to Sociology Chapter 1.3 and Chapter 4.2
                          Read Chapter 1 in the online textbook (SP*)

                            Submit Opening Survey on Brightspace by Friday.
                            Submit first journal entry on Brightspace by Sunday.

Section 1: Health and Healthcare

Week 2. Healthcare Systems (and their Problems)
Feb 1-5:        Read Social Problems, Chapter 13: Health and Healthcare (pgs. 558-603)

Week 3. Sociology, Pandemics, and Public Policy
Feb 6, 8:        Read The Sociology of Covid-19, Journal of Sociology (SAGE), 2020  
Answer Journal Questions by Sunday Feb 11

Week 4. Healthcare and Social Bias
Feb 13, 15:   Read Structural Racism In Historical and Modern US Health Care PolicyHealth Affairs, 2022
                      Recommended Social Foundations of Health Care Inequality and Treatment BiasAnnual Review of Sociology, 2016
                      Recommended Celebrating 10 African-American medical pioneersAssociation of American Medical Colleges, 2021
Quiz on Section 1 Thursday in class
Submit Music Blog entry by Sunday Feb 18

Section 2: Drugs as a Social Problem

Week 5.Drug Dependency & Addiction
Feb 20, 22:    Read Social Problems, Chapter 7: Alcohol and Other Drugs (pgs. 265-320)
Answer Journal Questions by Sunday Feb 25
Submit Creative Project Assignment 1 by Sunday Feb 25

Week 6.The Opium Epidemic and Harm Reduction
Feb 27, 29:    Read Opioids and the Social Construction of Social ProblemsEveryday Sociology Blog (Norton), 2017
                      Read Chapter 2-Drug Use as a Social Problem, Drugs, Society, and Behavior (Hart 2015)
                      Review Overdose Epidemic Report 2023, AMA (American Medical Association), 2023
Quiz on Section 2 Thursday in class
Submit Music Blog entry by Sunday March 3
Answer Journal Questions by Sunday March 3

Week 7. Midterm Exam
Mar 5:           Review for Midterm Exam
Mar 7:          Midterm Exam                    


Section 3: Sexual Orientation and Inequality

Week 8. Sex Inequality
Mar 19, 21:   Read Social Problems, Chapter 5: Sexual Orientation & Inequality (pgs. 187-224)
Answer Journal Questions by Sunday March 24                    

Week 9. Understanding LGBTQ+ Orientations
Mar 26, 28:   Read Sexual Orientation and Gender
                       Read Understanding sexual orientation and homosexualityAPA, 2008
Submit Creative Project Assignment 2 by Sunday Mar 31

Week 10. Sex and Gender at Work
Apr 2, 4:        Read The Role Of Sexual Orientation And Gender In Workplace ExperiencesWilliams Institute, 2022
Quiz on Section 3 Thursday in class
Submit Music Blog entry by Sunday April 7 
Answer Journal Questions by Sunday April 7 

Section 4: Racial Injustice and Inequality

Week 11. Racial Discrimination and Anti-Racism 
Apr 9, 11:      Read Social Probems, Chapter 3: Racial and Ethnic Inequality (pgs. 87-135)
                      Read Race and Racism in the United States: A Sociological Guide for the PublicAmerican Sociological Association, 2023

 Week 12. “Wokeness” & Black Lives Matter: The Continuation of an American Project
Apr 16, 18:    Read Frederick Douglass’ 1876 ReportNiskanen Center, 2022
ReadThe Early History Of The Black Lives Matter Movement…, Nevada Law Review, 2018
Answer Journal Questions by Sunday April 21

Week 13. The Great Replacement Theory: Race and Politics
Apr 23, 25:    Read The Great Replacement: White Supremacy as Terrorism?Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, 2023
Quiz on Section 4 Thursday in class
Submit Music Blog entry by Sunday April 28 


Week 14. Summary and Creative Projects 
Apr 30, May 2:  Read The Year in Review: 2023's Most Notable FindingsGallup News, 2023
Tues and Thurs: Creative Project Presentations
Answer Journal Questions by Sunday May 5 

Week 15. Final Exam
May 3-6:          Review for Final Exam
May 7:              Final Exam