Review Notes Sociology 101 Morrisville State College Exam 2

Major Ideas and Concepts to Review for Exam 2:

Chapter 4 - Social Construction

Chapter 5 - Socialization

- What is the definition of socialization?
- What is the definition of personality?
- What is the definition of identity?
- What is the nature vs. nurture debate?
- Who is Phineas Gage and what does his case demonstrate?
- What are "mirror neurons"?
- What effect does social isolation have on people and some animals? Give examples.
- Who and what are our agents of socialization?
- What is a "total institution"?
- What are the contributions of George H. Mead to understanding personality?
... What does it mean to have an "I" and a "me" form of personality?
... What does it mean to " take the role of the other"?
... What stages do we go through in developing the ability to take roles?

Chapter 6 - Social Groups and Conformity

- How do you define a group?
- How is a group different than a category of crowd of people?
- What is a primary group and what are its functions?
- What is a secondary group and what are its functions?
- What are in-groups and out-groups?
- What is a reference group?
What does the phrase "six degrees of separation" mean?
- What is the Asch Conformity Experiment about?
- How likely is it that people will conform in small groups, even when consequences are reduced?
- What two types of conformity characterize the reasons why we go along with the group?
- What is the Milgram Obedience Experiment about?
- What factor does authority play in creating group conformity?
- How likely will people conform in a group with a strong authority figure?
- What was the Stanford Prison Experiment about?
- When presented with a powerful situation, how can people will rely on role-playing rather than core identity principles?
- What is a bureaucracy? Give examples.
- What are some probems with bureaucracies?
- What is McDonaldization?